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Daisy - Missouri Fox Trotter Mare stolen from Choctaw County, Oklahoma - Aug. 27, 2007Justin and Daisy

8/30/07 - Justin called me today and told me the good news. Daisy has been found and is home safe and sound. There was a suspect from the beginning who was known to be involved in drugs. This man rode Daisy once and there were reasons he was the lead suspect. As it turns out Daisy was found at his home today approximately 15 miles away from where she was stolen. We are awaiting the full story from Justin later.

Justin and his wife Judy are so happy and are so amazed at the outpouring of support they received after the IDAHO ALERTS were sent out yesterday. They sat up late inot the night answering their mail.

Thank you all who passed along the alerts, put up a flyer, made phone calls.

8/30/07 8:41 PM Eastern Standard time -- THANK YOU LETTER
We can't thank you enough for all that you and everyone else did for us. You have a wonderful program going and we are telling everyone we meet about you. We hope from time to time to be able to send donations your way to help a little with all the expenses you're out. Thank you and we pray God's blessings on your efforts. - Thanks again Justin and Judy.Justin and Daisy hug.

"We had a wonderful blessing today, August 30, 2007, our horse Daisy returned home to us after being stolen on Monday the 27th. A police officer came into our health food store at 12:30 this afternoon and said that the deputy wanted me to call him, he thought he had my horse. I met him just over the county line in McCurtain County OK. She was in a pasture back in some trees. I recognized her face immediatly. I called her name and she came running. She seemed relieved and happy to see me. I had no trouble haltering her and getting her on the trailer.

As I was walking her to her pasture, I saw that her brother, Jeb, was at the far end grazing, so I called to him that Daisy was home. He looked up and saw her coming. He left off his grazing and ran to meet her. I don't think he's left her side at all today.

We thank everyone at Net Posse for all the work you put forth on this case. We are sure that your efforts were a direct result in the case being solved in a timely manner. We thank everyone from the bottom of our hearts for all your prayers, your thoughts, and your emails showing your concern. It meant a lot to us to know that so many people cared. We know Daisy would tell you the same thing if she could talk. Judy and Daisy.

May God Bless you all.

Justin, Judy, Daisy and Jeb"

Download flyer here for Daisy

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certify: yes

Submitted By: Justin Parchman

owners name: Justin Parchman

city: Ft. Towson

county: Choctaw

state: OK

country: USA

zip: 74735

home phone: 580-873-9903

work phone: same

other phone: none

Number horses: 1

tack report: No

trailer report: No
Justin and horses.
theft date: August 26, 2007

location: Ft. Towson, Oklahoma (Choctaw County)

how missing: The electric fence wire insulator was disconnected from the corner post and the bottom wire was cut. Two "T" posts were pushed over. he perimeter barbed wire fence's top 3 strands were tied together to the bottom strand.

horse name: Daisy

barn name: Daisy

breed: Missouri Fox Trotter

primary color: gray dapple

secondary color: dark brown

age: 3 years

Date of Birth: April 21, 2004

Gender: Mare

weight: 1000 lbs

height: 15 hands

  • star, strip fades onto gray nose
  • white socks on rear
  • mane & tail tips are light/brownish
  • light/striped rear hooves (front gray)
  • scar from rope burn in crease behind her back ankle
microchip: No

registered: No

picture: Yes

reward: No

Agency Report Date: August 27, 2007

Agency Case No: 2007 H 33

Agency Name: Choctaw County Sheriff Dept

Officer Name: Terry Park

Agency Address: 305 E. Jefferson

Agency City: Hugo

Agency County: Choctaw

Agency State: OK

Agency country: USA

Agency Zip: 74743

Agency Phone: 580-326-5600

do agree: yes

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